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Pleasant Weather for Tour de France Start

The weather across Corsica was beautiful for the start of the Tour de France Saturday, as expected, on the Island of Corsica.

The French Island of Corsica is a popular holiday retreat for some Europeans due to its generally pleasant weather.

Stage one featured a mixture of clouds and sunshine across Corsica, with temperatures approaching the 80 degree mark near the coast.

Stage one, won by Marcel Kittel of team Argos-Shimano, was relatively flat and toured almost the entire eastern shore of the island.

Sunday's stage two however, will cross over the mountainous center of the island. While the overall elevation of the islands center cannot hold a candle to the Alps and Pyrenees to be tackled later in the tour, the prominence of the mountains will still provide a significant challenge.

The weather however may play a role in the second half of the stage, on the descent from the mountains to the city of Ajaccio. The stage may finish with the sea breeze at full strength. While winds will be generally light during the morning hours, by the time the riders reach the coast the sea breeze could be directly into their faces. Teams that tactically consider this may be at an advantage on Sunday.

In the long range, the forecast looks pleasant again on Monday for the last stage in Corsica. Following that the tour will move to the mainland of France. While a few thunderstorms will be possible, especially once the tour reaches the mountains, the remainder of the time looks largely dry.