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Tropical Storm Possible Near Philippines

A tropical depression may spin up east of the Philippines as early as Friday, potentially leading to a landfalling tropical storm before the end of the week.

Flooding rain would be the most likely adverse weather impact. However, a named tropical storm would also bring with it the threat of damaging winds. A more severe storm having typhoon status could not be ruled out as of Thursday.

Disturbed tropical weather east of the southern Philippines as of Thursday will, at minimum, give rise to a weak tropical low tracking northwestward on Friday and Saturday.

Some forecast tools available to show that the weather system will remain east of the archipelago long enough to grow into strong tropical storm or typhoon by Saturday.

Assuming a storm of at least tropical storm status, a more likely target for a landfall, as well as any severe winds, will be along the northeastern side of Luzon, well northeast of Manila.

Likewise, highest odds for excessive rain and flooding will favor northern Luzon Saturday and Sunday.

Typhoon season in the western Pacific Ocean basin begins in June. Tropical seas eastward from the Philippines are historically the world's most prolific for tropical cyclones.