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Storms Target Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis Again

Another round of severe thunderstorms and its associated risk of flooding are taking aim in the swath from Wisconsin to northeastern Illinois and central Indiana into Thursday night.

The latest in a series of disturbance will cause thunderstorms to develop rapidly nearby Thursday afternoon.

While the storms are not likely to be as organized or as intense as those earlier this week, they can still pack a punch at the local level.

By the evening, the storms can be putting down torrential downpours that not only can blind drivers but could also lead to a new round of flash and urban flooding. Flight delays are possible as the storms approach nearby airports.

Some of the storms will also pack frequent lightning strikes, wind gusts of 70 mph and large hail. A couple of the strongest storms can also produce a tornado.

A few communities can be hit with downed trees, power outages and minor property damage.

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The worst of the severe storms into Thursday night were focusing over the central Plains, while the nastiest downpours were aiming at the Atlantic Seaboard.

Cooler, less volatile air will settle over the Upper Midwest this weekend, but it will take a while until the air is dry enough to rule out spotty showers and thunderstorms.