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Cosme Brings Rough Surf to San Diego Amid West Heat

Heat moving into the West will raise temperatures, potentially even breaking some all-time heat records over the weekend. The temperatures may drive crowds to the beaches this weekend, but the National Weather Service in San Diego is warning of high rip current risks. The report states, "Swimmers are urged to use caution at all times and swim near a lifeguard."

Highs at San Diego beaches are expected to be around 79 to 81 degrees, but inland temperatures of San Diego County will be much higher as incredible heat spreads throughout the region.

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Tropical Storm Cosme in the Western Pacific will play a roll in bringing rough waves to San Diego. Surf reports call for very strong currents and dangerous swimming conditions. Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said that Cosme's waves will cause a "plunger" effect on the San Diego coast. Though the tropical storm is weakening, it takes a while for the waves to travel the distance to the shore. Because of the storm's location, San Diego beaches sit perpendicular to where the waves are headed, making them a target for rough seas as a result.

About 80 percent of all beach rescues are a result of rip currents. People can be swept away from shore in these powerful currents which pull them farther out to sea. They form when waves break at different points against the shore and create rushing channels of water. Strong ones can move up to 8 feet a second.