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VIDEO: Unexpected Weather Threats During Florida Summers

FOX 35's Meteorologist Rob Eicher joined us on June 20 for another edition of AccuWeather LIVE to discuss Florida summers and revealed some surprising stats about the biggest weather threats that affect the area.

Changes have been made to hurricane forecasts, in effect for the first time this summer. Florida residents are aware of the summer hurricane threat, but hurricanes aren't the biggest threat facing the state. Lightning is a much bigger threat, as Florida is first in the nation and second in the world for annual lightning strikes.

Another unexpected threat for the area is for tornadoes. Though the tornadoes to affect Florida are typically not as strong as those in Oklahoma and therefore do not get the same type of attention, more tornadoes will actually hit Florida than anywhere else in the country.

While lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes are dangerous, there is one threat that leads to more yearly fatalities than these weather phenomena combined: rip currents.

While Orlando residents are likely aware of these threats, as a popular tourist destination visitors should be aware of these risks and how to prepare for them.