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Rain Monday for San Francisco, Sacramento

An usual, storms will bring rain to northern California on Monday. Rain will fall as far south as the bay area and Sacramento.

San Francisco is only averaging 0.11 of an inch of rain for the entire month of June. They could exceed that amount with the rainfall expected on Monday.

Sacramento usually sees just a bit more during the month of June, averaging 0.15 of an inch.

Along with the rainfall will come clouds and cool temperatures. It will be a struggle to reach just 70 degrees in Sacramento. the normal high for June 24 is 89 degrees.

While the clouds and rain will limit the fire threat in California Monday, the same cannot be said for the Rockies.

The approach of the storm will create very strong winds across the Rocky Mountain states during the afternoon hours. The wind will combine with very low humidity to create a high fire threat.

The states most at risk for new fire development include Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Burnable fuels in theses states have dried significantly since the winter, exacerbating the fire threat.

Even though strong winds are expected in the northern Rockies, late-spring rains (and mountain snows) have left ground conditions rather moist. The fire threat tends to spread north later in the summer as things dry out.

Gusty winds will affect the Rockies again on Tuesday, continuing the fire threat. Meanwhile, there will still be a few showers across northern California.

A more typical weather pattern will develop across the western states toward the middle and end of the week. It will become hot in many areas, including California. Winds will be lighter across the Rockies.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel