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Severe Weather to Accompany European Heat

Severe weather is expected to target portions of central Europe this week thanks to a spell of unusually warm weather across the region.

Portions of Germany, Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine will be the focus of severe weather on Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, storms will be rather scattered across northern Germany and perhaps even Denmark. Despite the scattered nature of storms, those that do fire will manage to bring some gusty winds to their surrounds.

The threat will shift to the east and south on Tuesday.

Damaging winds and hail will be the primary threats from the storms on Tuesday. Storms will generally move north to south, and be the most widespread over Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine.

The Polish city of Warsaw is probably the largest population center at risk of seeing severe storms on Tuesday.

By Wednesday the risk for severe weather will shift to a storm over western Europe, bringing the potential for heavy showers and thunderstorms to France, Belgium and far western Germany.

The low pressure system responsible for the unusual heat across western and central Europe will develop a warm and moist airmass across the aforementioned portions of Europe on Wednesday, the perfect fuel for severe weather.

Heavy downpours and large hail will be the primary threats both days, however damaging wind gusts will also likely be present.

Storms will likely be reserved to France on Wednesday, with Paris, Dijon and Lyon all at risk to the strong storms.

Thursday's severe threat will is not as east to pin down. While the storm is expected to move east it is questionable how far east the storms will progress. Some modeling shows severe weather working to about the Netherlands and western Germany. Others give places as far east as Denmark and eastern Germany a second round of severe weather.

As always, any thunderstorm is potentially dangerous, bringing cloud to ground lightning. When any thunderstorm approaches it is best to take cover and get out of harms way.