Severe Storms Threaten Little Rock, Memphis Monday

Published June 16, 2013

| AccuWeather

Dangerous thunderstorms will threaten areas from southeast Oklahoma to southwest Kentucky on Monday. Farther east, widespread thunderstorms will produce flooding downpours across parts of the Southeast.

A vigorous storm moving out of the central Plains will team up with heat and humidity to spark severe thunderstorms on Monday that will threaten Little Rock, Ark. and Memphis, Tenn.

"A surge of heat and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will help fuel thunderstorm development on Monday," Meteorologist Steve D. Travis said. "The greatest threat is damaging wind gusts and large hail from eastern Oklahoma to southwest Kentucky."

Widespread heat and humidity in combination with an old frontal boundary will bring widespread downpours and thunderstorms farther east into the Carolinas.

"Torrential downpours could produce flash flooding as well from Oklahoma east into Georgia and South Carolina," Travis said.

Birmingham, Ala. to Nashville, Tenn. to Atlanta and Columbia, S.C. will face the risk of flash flooding in

persistent thunderstorms.

On Saturday, a stubborn thunderstorm unleashed nearly 10 inches of rain in only a few hours to the southern suburbs of Springfield, Tenn. Nearly four feet of water inundated some roadways and water rescues were needed.

Such extreme flooding cannot be ruled across parts of the Southeast on Monday, but it would be a rare instance. However, motorists should not attempt to cross any water covered roadways and are urged to turn around.

By early Monday night, the heightened risk for severe weather along with flooding will focus on an area from central Tennessee to northern Mississippi and northern Louisiana. On Tuesday, similar risks of severe weather and torrential downpours will move into the southern mid-Atlantic and Deep South.