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Black Forest Fire: Most Destructive in Colorado History

The Black Forest fire is now the most destructive fire in Colorado history. The fire continues to rage just northeast of Colorado Springs and the weather will be changeable for the balance of the weekend.

"473 homes have been destroyed as of Saturday morning making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history in terms of homes lost," Kim Melchore, a media representative for the Black Forest Joint Information Center said.

"The fire has burnt 15,700 acres and is 30 percent contained," Melchore added.

The firefighters battling the blaze may have to contend with severe thunderstorms through early Saturday night which could bring damaging winds and hail to the area.

"Thunderstorms that can contain damaging winds and large hail will threaten the containment efforts through this evening," Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said."However, associated downpours would actually benefit firefighters."

The clash of dry air from the Desert Southwest with more humid air across the Plains will spark thunderstorms in the area through the remainder of the weekend. There will be localized breezy conditions through the weekend, but there will not be a tremendous amount of wind power to fuel the fire. The exception would be any gusty or damaging winds associated with thunderstorms.

Most of the thunderstorms that fire up in the region will taper off later Saturday night.

"A quiet Sunday morning is expected, however, we anticipate a spotty shower or thunderstorm to develop across the area Sunday afternoon, Pydynowski said. "The good news is that the severe thunderstorm threat will be farther east, away from the Colorado Springs area. The bad news is that more of the thunderstorms will tend to produce lightning than beneficial rainfall on Sunday."