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Severe Storms From Denver to Chicago

A cold front cutting through the Plains will spark up strong to severe storms from eastern Colorado, central Missouri and southern Wisconsin.

Some of the major cities most at risk for severe weather Saturday include Denver, Colo.; Kansas City, Neb.; Des Moines, Iowa; and Chicago, Ill.

These storms will produce localized wind gusts of 60 mph which can uproot trees and snap off branches, causing power outages.

Additionally, quarter to ping-pong ball-sized hail can also occur. Hail this size can cause injury to livestock and property.

Along with the damaging winds and hail will come torrential downpours which can cause flash flooding and reduced visibility.

The storms could also play a role in battling the wildfires in Colorado.

Only a few storms in this region will bring a substantial amount of rainfall to help combat the fires. However, of greater concern is shifting, gusty winds produced by the storms and the risk of lightning strikes setting off new fires.

Most of these thunderstorms will fire in the afternoon and evening hours.

If you need to be out and about, keep a keen eye to the sky and watch for rapidly changing conditions that may occur with these thunderstorms.

Those traveling Interstate 80 through Nebraska, Interstate 70 through Kansas and Chicago toll roads sure to heed any watches or warnings that arise. Remember a watch means conditions are favorable for severe weather, while a warning means severe weather is imminent or occurring.

More severe weather will develop across similar areas on Sunday.

By Meteorologist Jeff Rafach