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Tropical Storm Yagi Latest for Japan

Tropical Storm Yagi has weakened and slowed in its northward movement south of Japan, and it may no longer pose any direct threat to the Pacific nation.

Tuesday, the center of Yagi was plotted by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) about 430 miles south-southwest of Tokyo. Top sustained winds were about 45 mph with movement towards the north at a sluggish 6 to 7 mph, the JMA said.

According to meteorologists, factors likely to preclude a potentially impactful approach to the southeastern Japan coast were expected to include relatively cool surface waters as well as a cool, stabilizing northeasterly wind flow into the storm's path.

Forecasters with the JMA were expecting an easterly turn, weakening and eventual dissipation at sea a few hundred miles south of Tokyo during the latter half of the week.