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Tornadoes Spawned From Kentucky to Maryland and North Carolina

Tornadoes spun out of severe thunderstorms on June 10 in parts of Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. Multiple reports of building damage soon followed, with at least one home in Kentucky destroyed. The National Weather Service will be surveying areas today to determine if tornadoes or just severe winds were the cause of damages in areas throughout the East.

NOAA lists seven reports of tornadoes from Monday night. The first came in from outside of Poplar Springs, Md., causing structural and tree damage. A tornado is also suspected of causing roof damage to buildings just outside of Fells Point, Md., and eyewitnesses claim to have seen a waterspout come onshore in Baltimore County.

One house was reported destroyed from a tornado 5 miles southwest of Franklin, Ky.

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Two possible tornadoes were spotted in Franklin County, N.C., with buildings sustaining structural damage outside of the town of Ingleside.

An additional tornado was reportedly spotted in Amelia County, Va.

Confirmation of these reports, and possibly of additional tornadoes, can be expected today.