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Afternoon Downpours Aim for NYC, Hudson Valley

A line of showers and thunderstorms will reach the New York City metro area and the Hudson Valley during the mid- to late afternoon hours Tuesday.

The storms will strengthen due to daytime warming around the time they reach the metro area.

While the storms will generally not be severe, they have the potential to cause travel disruptions, urban and poor drainage area flooding.

A few locations can be hit with strong wind gusts and hail. Lightning could briefly cluster in some neighborhoods.

The storms will sweep from west to east, reaching northern New Jersey and the Catskills first, and then reaching Connecticut and Long Island late in the day. The storms also will extend southward toward Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore.

Additional rounds of downpours and thunderstorms are forecast Thursday and Friday. The greatest risk from the storms is from flooding. However, there is a chance that some locations are also hit with damaging winds.