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Yagi Nears Japan at Midweek

Tropical Storm Yagi is tracking north toward the southern coast of Japan and will continue to do so for the next few days.

No widespread adverse rain or wind impacts are expected at this time, although Yagi's progress may bear watching for those with interests in Japan.

By Thursday, the center of the early season tropical storm could approach and even reach the coast between Tokyo and the island of Shikoku, potentially giving localized excessive rain and flooding.

However, the latest forecast tools available to indicate weakening of the storm before any approach to land. The presence of relatively cool surface water spread southward from the Japan mainland should argue for Yagi to weaken well south of land.

As of Monday morning, EDT, the center of Tropical Storm Yagi was located about 850 miles south-southwest of Tokyo. Storm movement was toward the northeast at 12 knots. Forecasters with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) expected a northward turn through Wednesday, when weakening and slowing at sea well south of Osaka was forecast.

The latest widely recognized tropical storm to bear a name in the Pacific Ocean tropical basin was Sonamu, which plied seas from near Guam to eastern Malaysia during the first ten days of 2013.