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Heat, Fire Danger to Increase in California Again

Another wave of heat will build over the interior of California and the Southwest into the weekend, followed by a chance of a stray, dry thunderstorm, raising new concerns of wildfires.

While a shallow layer of marine air will moderate temperatures and cause morning low clouds along the coast each day through Sunday, temperatures will climb to new highs for the season to date in many areas inland.

Most days over the interior will feature blazing sunshine through Sunday.

People are reminded to avoid strenuous activity during the midday and afternoon hours, when temperatures will be the highest and the sun is the most intense.

According to Western Weather Expert Ken Clark, "Winds will generally be light, but low humidity, scorching sunshine and climbing temperatures will result in very dry fuels again."

Because of the highly variable terrain in the region, local breezes can kick up for a brief time, with no notice.

Caution is advised when using gasoline-powered equipment outdoors. Never pull your vehicle over grassy or dry brush areas. Exhaust systems on equipment and vehicles can be hot enough to start a fire.

An added potential trouble-maker will be the movement of a weak storm in the upper atmosphere toward the coast Sunday into Monday. The system was stalled off the coast of Southern California during much of this week.

"Even though this storm will be moisture-starved, it could produce a stray thunderstorm over the mountains of California and Nevada," Clark said.

The thunderstorms would bring little or no rain, but multiple cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, which could ignite new blazes.