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Rain-swollen Mississippi River threatening some towns in Mo., prompt calls for evacuation

Some Mississippi River communities are trying to fend off the flooded waterway that has forced voluntary evacuations in one Missouri town.

The river was expected to crest Tuesday near West Alton, Mo., where the 570 residents were advised to evacuate after a makeshift levee breached.

Fire Chief Rick Pender says just 15 percent of residents left after crews shored up the levee. But he says everyone "is ready to go at a moment's notice" if the hastily shored-up barrier shows signs of giving way.

Across the river in the small Illinois town of Alton, floodwaters forced the closure of a bridge's Missouri-bond lanes.

And in the southeastern Missouri community of Dutchtown, sandbagging efforts continue in hopes of holding back the river. The river is expected to crest there Thursday.