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Violent Storms Sunday: NYC, DC, Philly, Montreal

The stage is set for violent thunderstorms to erupt in and around the Northeast on Sunday.

Places from Quebec City and Montreal, Canada, to New York City and Washington, D.C., lie in the threat zone for Sunday.

This area also encompasses Syracuse and Albany, N.Y., Burlington, Vt., Lebanon, N.H., Hartford, Conn., State College and Philadelphia, Pa., and Baltimore, Md.

Boston, Mass., and Portland, Maine, however, are excluded.

Damaging winds and flooding downpours are the main threats from the strongest thunderstorms, which will generally be confined to the afternoon and evening hours.

If any tornado touches down, it would be an isolated event.

Drenching thunderstorms will also rumble farther to the south along the spine of the Appalachians.

As the weekend comes to an end, so will the threat for severe weather across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Showers and less-intense thunderstorms will linger along the I-95 corridor on Monday as cooler and less humid air graces the rest of the Northeast and central Appalachians.

The I-95 corridor will get to enjoy a comfortable and dry day on Tuesday.