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Sizzling Sunday Heat for Vegas, Phoenix

To start off the week in the Southwest, things will be heating up even more above average.

With a lack of storm systems moving into the area, sunshine will continue to prevail across the region for the beginning of the month.

With the jet stream remaining to the north, dry heat will continue to filter into the area on Sunday.

Las Vegas looks to surpass 100 degrees for Sunday. Other than just getting over 100 in the middle of May for two consecutive days, this will be the warmest it has been since the beginning of last September.

Temperatures on Sunday are expected to reach almost 10 degrees above the average of 95 for this time of year. On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures will hover near 100 degrees during the afternoon.

Phoenix, Ariz., will also have some abnormal warm temperatures for the next few days. Temperatures on Sunday will also be close to 10 degrees above average and approaching the record of 110 degrees last set back in 2006.

Hot sunshine will continue throughout the remainder of the week with temperatures at least a few degrees above the 100-degree mark.

These cities aren't the only ones experiencing above-normal temperatures to end the weekend on Sunday.

Fresno, Calif., will have high temperature near 101 on Sunday, more than 10 degrees above the average for June 2nd. Palm Springs continues to have temperatures more than 5 degrees above average to start off the month.

Remember to be prepared if you are out and about in the heat for the next few days. Be sure to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and wear light weight, protective clothing. If possible, it might be best to move outdoor work to the early morning or evening when temperatures are lower.