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Heat, Fire Danger to Build Across the Interior Southwest

Summerlike heat will be building across the interior Southwest into the weekend.

A developing ridge of high pressure over California and the rest of the Southwest will turn up the heat over the next couple of days. After a recent run of cooler-than-normal weather, temperatures will jump 10 to 15 degrees above normal by Saturday and Sunday.

The most noticeable change will be in the Central Valley of California, all coastal valleys from San Diego north to the Napa Valley, and the deserts of southeastern California and Arizona. Some of these areas will be near, or above, the hottest weather so far this season.

Expected High Temperatures Into the Weekend

New Record High
Napa Valley, East Bay Area
Valleys of Southern California
Central Valley
Lower Deserts Southern California and Arizona

The hottest day will be Saturday for areas outside of the deserts. Meanwhile, the heat will peak in the deserts Sunday. The increase in heat along with low humidity will bring an elevated risk of fire danger for the weekend. People are urged to be careful with outdoor flames, properly put out cigarettes, and not to park over dry vegetation during this time of increased fire danger.

Coastal areas of California will warm, especially inland from the Pacific. But with the lack of offshore winds, temperatures are not expected to become extreme, mainly in the middle and upper 80s.