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NYC, Philly, DC Heat Wave to End May, Start June

Just as many folks may have been getting used to the cool weather, the first heat wave of the summer season will hit later this week along the I-95 mid-Atlantic.

A general definition of a heat wave for this region is three or more days in a row with 90-degree or higher temperatures.

In the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore areas, temperatures will approach 90 degrees Wednesday and may continue to have highs near or above 90 into Sunday.

Farther north, 90-degree highs are projected from Philadelphia to New York City Thursday through Saturday.

The hottest day in many locations of the Northeast is likely to be Friday, when temperatures could reach the middle 90s. Even portions of New England and much of upstate New York will partake in one or more days of 90-degree temperatures.

Along with the heat will come midsummerlike humidity. The sudden heat and humidity may catch some people offguard.

Folks who are more sensitive to the hot weather should take extra care during this first and sudden heat wave of the season. Avoid strenuous activity during the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky.

Folks heading to the beaches to keep cool are reminded that water temperatures are still chilly at this point in the season. Water temperatures along the south shore of Long Island range from 50 to 55 degrees. Along the New Jersey Cape, the surf is in the low 60s, and along the Delaware and Maryland shore, water temperatures range from 62 to 66. Some streams and lakes in the region are colder.