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Plains Severe Storms, Perhaps Tornadoes Wednesday

The next significant round of severe thunderstorms is forecast to erupt over the High Plains Wednesday and will shift eastward over the Central states later in the week. The pattern could bring a number of tornadoes.

While a zone of drenching downpours and locally severe thunderstorms has affected parts of the Plains, Texas and the Midwest this weekend and will continue into Tuesday, a potent storm is forecast to roll out of the Rockies at midweek.

Indications are the movement of this storm and strong upper-level winds will interact with a zone of building heat and humidity over the Plains in such a way to produce an outbreak of powerful and dangerous thunderstorms.

In addition to the risk of large hail, damaging wind gusts and frequent lightning, there is the risk of a handful tornadoes. However, there is a possibility that a chain of weather conditions occurs leading to a significant number of tornadoes or a few strong tornadoes.

The first storms associated with the outbreak will begin in the swath from West Texas and western Oklahoma to eastern Colorado, western Kansas and southwestern Nebraska Wednesday.

Look for the potential for these storms, including a few tornadoes, to shift northeastward across northern Texas, central and northern Oklahoma, and central and eastern Kansas and Nebraska to parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin during the latter part of the week.

Spotty severe thunderstorms through Tuesday will continue over portions of the Plains. There is a risk of locally damaging storms centered on portions of Kansas, northern Missouri and southern Nebraska Monday evening.

In addition to the risk for violent thunderstorms, there is the likelihood of flooding problems, especially over parts of the central Plains to the Midwest that have already received heavy rain over the Memorial Day weekend and/or will do so into the middle of this week.

Portions of states that could be hit hard with flooding problems not only at the beginning of this week, but the end of the week include Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.