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Live: Severe Storms Fire in Missouri, Illinois

Dangerous thunderstorms will impact parts of the Plains Monday. The focus of the storms will be over the central Plains and Upper Midwest.

The storms will bring a risk of damaging winds, large hail and flooding. A couple of the strongest storms could produce a tornado.

The areas most at risk for severe weather are northern Kansas, southern Nebraska, to parts of Missouri and Illinois on Monday evening.


3:05 p.m. CDT Monday: A tornado was reported 5 miles northwest of Kimball, Neb. Take cover.

3:04 p.m. CDT Monday: Storms capable of producing tornadoes are moving into Sangamon County, Ill. Stay alert for rapidly changing weather conditions.

2:27 p.m. CDT Monday: A severe storm with a developing tornado is located 6 miles southwest of Hermann, Mo., and moving northeast at 45 mph.