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Boston, NYC, Philly, DC to Flirt with 90-Degree Heat

After a comfortable Memorial Day, May will come to a close on a hot note across the Northeast with numerous communities approaching or cracking the 90-degree mark.

The warmth will come following the departure of the storm that brought rain and even high-elevation snow to the Northeast this holiday weekend with chilly air and, for some, frost in its wake.

Temperatures Thursday and Friday are expected to approach or crack the 90-degree mark throughout the mid-Atlantic, as well as central and southern New England.

In addition to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Albany are among the other communities that will flirt with 90-degrees these days.

The same can also be said northward to Burlington, Vt., where temperatures were held to the middle 40s on Saturday and substantial snow accumulated in its neighboring mountains.

Between 25 and 45 degrees will separate highs recorded on the coolest day of this holiday weekend and highs on Thursday and Friday.

Pittsburgh tied a record low Saturday morning when temperatures dropped to 33 degrees, then will challenge Friday's record high of 93 degrees from 1919.

The cool air may not give way to the summer heat as quietly as some would like.

"A zone of showers and thunderstorms could shift from the northern Plains to [the Northeast] prior to the arrival of the much warmer weather," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

These showers and thunderstorms will move southwest to northeast across the region Tuesday through Wednesday.