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Severe Storms to Reach DC, NYC, Albany Thursday

The same storm system responsible for producing violent and deadly thunderstorms will reach the heavily populated Atlantic Seaboard Thursday.

The nature of the storms will change somewhat from producing tornadoes to more of a straight-line wind gust, hail and flash flooding event. However, there is a chance that a couple of the strongest thunderstorms will produce a brief tornado.

The risk for damaging and dangerous thunderstorms is forecast to extend from eastern North Carolina to eastern New York state and portions of New England. Much of this area will be in a sea of warm, humid air as a cool front providing a focusing point for the storms arrives.

Only the immediate mid-Atlantic coast and southern and eastern New England would be spared the worst of the storms, due to a flow of cool air off the ocean.

People from Richmond, Va., to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Md., Wilmington, Del., Philadelphia, New York City and Albany, N.Y., should be prepared for travel problems, sporadic power outages, frequent lightning strikes and urban flooding Thursday.

Prior to Thursday, the storms will roll into the eastern part of the Ohio Valley and the central and southern Appalachians Wednesday into Wednesday night.

In addition to the same problems as that of the East Coast, the storms over the eastern part of the Ohio Valley to the eastern Great Lakes bring a higher potential for a few tornadoes, because of the strong state of the overall storm system and atmospheric conditions. The risk of tornadoes in this area is significantly lower than that of Texas to Arkansas Tuesday.