More Storms for Recovery Efforts in Moore, Okla.

Additional strong thunderstorms will roll through through portions of tornado-ravaged Oklahoma Tuesday. Fortunately, the risk of tornadoes has diminished.

Thunderstorms were still affecting the Sooner State Tuesday. However, odds were against storms of a violent nature of recent days, thanks to a push of cooler, less humid air.

Downpours with lightning strikes, brief, gusty winds and even large hail were still in the offing into Tuesday evening for Moore and other storm-weary communities in the region.

The most violent storms were aiming farther south over north-central and northeastern Texas Tuesday afternoon. This risk area would expand to portions of Arkansas and northern Louisiana Tuesday evening.

A pocket of dry air will expand over Oklahoma and much of the South Central states Wednesday.

The overall weather pattern will still support spotty thunderstorms Thursday evening into Saturday over Oklahoma and vicinity. There is a chance that multiple showers and thunderstorms will affect the area Friday.

Daytime highs will generally range from 78 to 86 degrees through Saturday with nighttime lows ranging from 56 to 64 degrees.