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Severe Storms from Texas to New York

More severe weather is on the way for the southern Plains on Tuesday as well as parts of the Midwest and the Northeast.

Severe weather will spread from Texas to New York as an area of low pressure over the central Plains slowly moves to the east.

Thunderstorms will begin to develop on Tuesday afternoon in these areas and will continue into Tuesday night.

The primary threat with these storms will be hail and damaging wind gusts up to 70 mph. Strong winds can bring down trees and power lines which could lead to power outages.

Heavy downpours in these storms may also lead to localized flash flooding. These downpours will impact travel conditions, slowing down traffic speeds due to wet roads and reduced visibilities.

Storms in the south will have warmer, more humid air to work with, allowing for thunderstorms to develop into supercells.

These supercells will be capable of producing large hail and even tornadoes.

Storms will continue into Tuesday evening with some thunderstorms persisting through the night.

Severe weather will continue across a similar area on Wednesday with the threat of damaging wind and hail.

Story by Meteorologist Brian Lada.