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Another Cool and Unsettled Week for Western Europe

For much of western Europe, the past seven days have felt more like the middle of April as opposed to May. A slow-moving storm system resulted in a week of below-normal temperatures and widespread shower activity from Spain and Portugal to the U.K, Ireland and Belgium. For the upcoming week, there will be little change in the overall weather pattern in most of these areas.

Clouds and showers will remain scattered from Portugal and Spain to Germany on Monday and Tuesday. The steadiest rainfall will occur from just east of Paris into eastern Belgium and central parts of Germany, where rainfall amounts of up to 25 mm (1 inch) is possible through Tuesday.

While the conditions are not expected to result in widespread flooding problems, the cool and rainy conditions will continue to slow agricultural work and delay planting of summer crops across the region.

Farther north and west, the worst of the cloudy and cool conditions are now shifting to the south and east of England, bringing an end to eight consecutive days of below-normal temperatures in London. However, another storm system near Iceland is expected to dive southward into western Europe later in the week, bringing even cooler conditions back into Scotland and England for Thursday and Friday.