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Warmup in the West

It is shaping up to the be a hot Mother's Day across much of the West with temperatures in some spots more than 15 degrees above normal.

Temperatures will climb into the lower 90s in California's Sacramento Valley and into the upper 90s in the San Joaquin Valley.

Temperatures will top out in the low 100s from Palm Springs, Calif., into southwestern Arizona.

Highs in the 90s will be seen as far north as the Snake River Valley in Idaho.

These above-normal temperatures are due to an upper-level ridge that has slowly been strengthening over the West since Friday.

This upper-level ridge will not dominate all of the West however.

A system affecting the coast of British Columbia will extend into the United States on Sunday as the main axis of the ridge shifts southward. This will allow for cooler temperatures and a bit of rain to move into Washington and Oregon west of the Cascades.

Although temperatures will cool down a bit along the Northwest Coast, they will still remain a few degrees above average until Monday.

Temperatures will ease a bit through the first half of this week across the West as the ridge slowly weakens, but will still remain well above normal in the Southwest.

High Sun.
High Mon.
Avg. High.
Seattle, Wash. 67 61 64
Portland, Ore. 72 64 67
Sacramento, Calif. 92 87 79
Fresno, Calif. 99 96 83
Palm Springs, Calif. 102 107 92
Las Vegas, Nev. 96 100 87
Phoenix, Ariz. 98 101 95

More seasonable conditions will return to the Northwest by Tuesday as a disturbance from the Pacific moves over Washington, drawing in cooler Pacific air.

The upper-level ridge will hold its ground over the Southwest heading into the middle of the week, allowing above-normal temperatures to continue across the region.