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Mother's Day Flower Prices Steady Despite Drought

Despite the fact that 98.16 of California is experiencing moderate drought conditions, flower production in the state is on track to meet the demand for Mother's Day.

"We use a lot of important technology to make sure we get plenty of water," said Kasey Conquist CEO for the California Cut Flowers Commission.

Conquist said the only thing that can hurt their flower production is a lack of sunshine. That has not been an issue.

The state of California provides about 20-25 percent of all cut flowers sold in the U.S. The flower producing countries of Colombia and Ecuador, in South America, supply the balance.

Colombia and Ecuador have been having their own drought related issues. In Colombia, the Sabana de Bogata region is the largest producer of cut flowers. There, the drought conditions are moderate to severe, according to the Global Drought Monitor. Cotopaxi in Ecuador is one of the largest flower growers. There the drought is rated as minor to moderate.

"Eastern portions of Ecuador and Colombia have been running a rainfall deficit since January, with the driest conditions in northeast Colombia," said AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls.

Conquist assures that there are plenty of flowers for Mother's Day. "We are anticipating a strong Mother's Day demand and we are marching forward to fill our orders," he said.

When shopping in stores for Mother's Day flowers, Conquist said to be sure to look for the labels denoting locally grown flowers.

Since the drought has not severely hurt the flower production, Conquist said prices are not expected to be higher this year over previous years.