Cold Wave, Frost, Freeze Heading for Midwest, East

Published May 10, 2013

| AccuWeather

A blast of chilly air will sweep from the Upper Midwest to the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts beginning this Mother's Day weekend, bringing a frost and freeze to some locations.

The cold wave, which will initially be accompanied by some wind, will have people donning long sleeves and reaching for heavy jackets in many areas.

At peak, temperatures will average 15 to 20 degrees below normal during the chilly outbreak.

It is in areas where the wind diminishes Sunday night over the Midwest and Monday night in the Northeast, where the greatest potential for frost exists. In the vicinity of the central Appalachians, there is the potential for freezing temperatures both Sunday and Monday night.

Near-freezing temperatures will have some agricultural interests taking precautions to reduce the risk of damage to orchards, vineyards and berry farms.

Homeowners who have already planted annual flowers and warm-season vegetables will need to cover their tender vegetation or risk losing them to frost or freezing weather.

Garden and home improvement centers may want to move their cold-sensitive stock under cover.

There is hope that with the chilly weather during spring thus far that fruit crops will have significantly less damage with this event, as opposed to multiple bouts of freezing temperatures last spring. Recall that last year at this time, March and April were incredibly warm, spurring on earlier-than-average blossoming and fruit development.

For example at Houghton Lake, Mich., average temperatures during all of March and April this year were 10 degrees lower when compared to the same period last year.