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Record-Challenging Warmth Across the Northwest

Warmth will continue across the Northwest on Tuesday following a day where high temperatures challenged records that were decades old.

Above-normal temperatures are here to stay for the Northwest as the upper-level ridge responsible for these record-challenging temperatures remains over the region.

One city that broke its record-high temperature on Monday was Seattle, Wash., reaching a high of 87 degrees. This was 25 degrees above their normal high for early May and broke the previous record of 79 set in 1957.

Although this ridge will hold strong over the region through the week, temperatures on Tuesday are not forecast to be quite as warm as they were on Monday, but will remain well above average.

Winds will turn to have more of a westerly component on Tuesday, allowing cooler air to make its way inland from the Pacific Ocean.

This air flowing from the Pacific will bring moisture with it as well, resulting in areas of morning clouds and fog along the coast before giving way to sunshine in the afternoon.

An onshore flow can have a major impact on the weather along the coast, especially when it comes to temperatures.

On Sunday, the coastal town of Hoquiam, Wash., had an easterly wind bringing dry, warm air to the town. This let temperatures soar to 87, setting a new record high for the day.

By Monday, winds had shifted to be out of the west, drawing in cooler Pacific air, limiting the high to only 60.

Areas well inland will not have as much of a temperature difference between Monday and Tuesday however. While temperatures west of the Cascade Mountains will be in the upper 70s to low 80s over the next few days, temperatures east of the Cascades will be much warmer.

City High Tues. High Wed. High Thurs. High Fri.
Seattle, Wash. 79 73 77 80
Hanford, Wash. 89 89 90 91
Portland, Ore. 78 79 81 82

Much of this area is forecast to stay in the upper 80s through Friday with some areas climbing into the 90s.

Temperatures across the entire Northwest will slowly rise throughout the week as the ridge over the region strengthens.

As the ridge flexes its muscles later in the week, it will also expand into the Southwest.