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Flash Flooding Risk Virginia, West Virginia and DC

The risk of flash flooding is expanding northward and will focus on the I-81 swath in Virginia, around Washington, D.C., neighboring West Virginia and Maryland, as well as part of Delaware Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some downpours will be repeat offenders in some areas and have the potential to unleash a couple of inches of rain over several hours.

The repeating downpours can lead to flash and urban flooding, as well as quick rises on small streams and catch basins.

There is the potential for a few locally strong thunderstorms. Some neighborhoods can be hit with gusty winds, small hail and frequent lightning strikes.

In much of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and New England, there has been an extended stretch of sunny days with low humidity and a breeze, creating a dry landscape. Rainfall of generally lesser intensity is forecast to reach part of this area.

The same slow-moving storm system that brought flooding and record snow to the South and Midwest last week will continue to funnel in moisture from the Atlantic Ocean during the middle of the week, while the feature wanders slowly northward.