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Container Ship Crash in Italy Kills Three

At least three people were killed when the Jolly Nero container ship hit a control tower at the Italian port of Genoa.

The ship is 787 feet long and weight more than 40,500 tones, according to the BBC.

After the ship hit the tower, part of the tower crashed into the water. About 10 people were in the tower at the time of the crash and some are feared to be in the water. Four people have been taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred at about 5:00 p.m. EDT (11 p.m. local time).

"At the time of the crash, winds were light, about 6 mph out of the southeast, and scattered clouds were in the area," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Erik Pindrock. The weather is not believed to have been a contributing factor in the crash.

As rescue efforts continue, weather in the area should remain clear.