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Rain to Relieve Abnormally Dry Northeast This Week

The prolonged stretch of recent sunshine and tranquility in the Northeast will fade to gray, rainy weather for the remainder of this week. However, the rainy weather will bring some benefits.

Showers will initially move into Washington, D.C., and Baltimore through early Monday night before arriving into Philadelphia by Tuesday. New York City will see the onset wet weather Tuesday night before it reaches Boston later Wednesday. The interior Northeast will not be excluded.

A cold, slow-moving storm will be responsible for the upcoming rain this week as it moves away from the Southeast. The storm is already responsible for record-breaking cold and snow in the South recently.

The cloudy and wet weather will bring some important benefits.

The Northeast has had a dry spring with many locations well below their average rainfall through early May. In fact, it has been dry enough to begin a short-term drought in parts of the Northeast.

New York City received only 1.56 inches of rain this spring, well short of their normal rainfall of 7.23 inches through May 6.

Rainfall totals will reach at least 0.50 of an inch across most of the Northeast through Saturday, with the best chance of one inch or more coming across southern New England and the mid-Atlantic.

The aforementioned rainfall will not be a drought-buster, but it will be beneficial; associated cloud cover will slow the rate of drying for the soil as well.

Despite the abnormally dry spring thus far, near-normal rainfall is expected this summer for the Northeast. The mid-Atlantic will have above-normal rainfall from June through August.

"The short-term drought has not had a negative impact to agriculture or backyard gardens so far," Expert Senior Meteorologist and Agricultural Expert Dale Mohler said.

"We are getting later into spring, and, if the dry weather continued, it would be more alarming," Mohler said. "However, the good news is we have this beneficial rain on the way."