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Improving Weather for Firefighting Efforts in California Springs

Dangerous wildfires will continue to rage Saturday in Ventura County, California.

At sunset on Friday, the air attack was discontinued overnight and nighttime ground operations commenced. As of 6:45 p.m. PDT on Friday, the fire-affected area was estimated at 28,000 acres and was only 20 percent contained.

However, the changing weather conditions for the Saturday look to help the firefighting efforts for this weekend.

In contrast to Thursday and Friday, temperatures on Saturday will be as much as fifteen degrees cooler.

The Santa Ana winds that have been raging the past few days are also expected to subside for the weekend, giving firefighter the opportunity to better control and contain the fire.

As a low pressure begins to develop off the coast of Los Angeles, the cool marine air will be pulled back to the coast, raising the humidity.

This rise will help vegetation to trend away from the dry side.

According to AccuWeather Western Forecasting Expert Ken Clark, the vegetation is currently so dry that it is more like the middle of summer, rather than spring.

According to FEMA's U.S. Fire Administration, last year there were 67,774 fires, the smallest number since 2005. However 2012 also had highest acreage burned since 2007.