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Florida to See Flooding Rain, Thunderstorms

The continuation of rain and thunderstorms in the Southeast will result in areas of flooding heading into the weekend.

The areas that will be at greatest risk of flooding will be northern Florida and southern Georgia.

This flooding rain is due to an area of low pressure that will slowly make its way across south-central Florida over the next few days.

The slow progression of this low pressure system will allow rain and thunderstorms to continue over the same area through Friday and into the weekend.

According to Meteorologist Jeff Rafach, "The greatest threat of flooding will be along the I-10 corridor east of Tallahassee. The heaviest rain will fall on Friday as a slow-moving band of rain pushes northward; however, wet and unsettled conditions will persist into Saturday."

Low-lying areas and along creeks and streams will be most prone to flooding.

Heavy downpours may lead to travel delays, slowing traffic due to slick roadways and reducing visibility.

Rain and thunderstorms may also cause delays at this weekends NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Ala.

Not only will this system bring flooding rains to the Southeast, but breezy conditions along the coast will result in a rough surf and rip currents. Rip currents and rough surfs will stretch from the southern beaches of South Carolina to just north of Miami.

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