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Severe Storms into Tonight For Laredo, Little Rock, Memphis

A storm system will tap in to a warm and moist airmass over the southern Plains, helping to spark a round of severe thunderstorms into tonight.

This is the same storm which will also lead to locally flooding rains over parts of the Southeast the rest of this weekend.

Thunderstorms will fire this afternoon in two primary zones. The first one being over south-central Texas from west of San Antonio through Del Rio and Laredo.

These storms will initially fire over the higher elevations in northern Mexico before tracking into Texas.

These south-central Texas storms will initially be capable of producing large, damaging hail and damaging wind gusts greater than 65 mph.

Farther to the north and east, thunderstorms will develop along a trailing cold front this afternoon from far northeast Texas through western Tennessee.

This will bring a threat for damaging winds and large hail to Little Rock, Memphis, Tuscaloosa, and Shreveport.

There is even the threat for an isolated tornado or two, especially from eastern Arkansas into northern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee where the best "wind shear" is occurring.

Wind shear is a term which means "twisting of the winds as you go higher in the atmosphere." The more wind shear or the more changing of the winds, the better chance for rotation in thunderstorms.

Stay tuned to into tonight as we continue to monitor the severe weather threat.

Heed all watches and warnings and check in with our Severe Weather Center for the latest information.