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Santiago, Chile, May See First Rain of 2013

Prospects for rain appear slim for residents of Santiago, Chile in the coming days. However, a storm system may bring the first rain of the season to the area this coming Thursday and Friday.

Largely dry conditions prevail across central Chile during the Southern Hemisphere's summer months. It is late in the fall, into the winter, that rainfall becomes more abundant throughout central Chile as the jet stream shifts storms closer to the region.

One such storm passed just south of Santiago late this past week. While a cold front did cross the region, bringing cooler weather to the area, no rain was reported.

The next chance for some rain will come later this week when another storm passes near the region, dragging a cold front toward the area next Thursday and Friday.

However, this storm may still pass far enough south of Santiago to prevent any moisture from reaching the city. If that were the case, residents of Santiago may have to wait another week or more before the chance for rain increases once again.

Santiago typically averages 14.20 inches (360.7 mm) of rainfall during the year. Most of the rain falls during the months of May through September, the Southern Hemisphere's winter.