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Severe Storm Potential Friday for Texas, Arkansas

A strengthening storm early Friday will bring the potential for severe weather in the southern Plains Friday afternoon and evening.

As the low becomes more organized, thunderstorms with heavy downpours will develop in Oklahoma and Missouri early in the morning to bring the chance of stronger storms in the afternoon.

The threat of strong, potentially severe, thunderstorms will stretch from northeastern Texas to Arkansas and southern Missouri.

With these storms, the greatest risks will be damaging wind gusts and medium- to large-size hail. These impacts will not affect every place in the outlined area, but gusts could potentially bring down trees and power lines. Even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out in this area.

Furthermore, the heavy rainfall in a short period of time could bring the potential for localized flooding.

The rain from Friday's storms is not expected to bring widespread problems, like the dangerous flooding in the Midwest earlier this week, initially. However, as the excessive water from the northern portions of the Mississippi pushes down the river to join the newly fallen rain, the combination could cause more significant flooding in the coming days.

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Like all thunderstorms, these will also pose the threat of dangerous lightning. As reported by NOAA recently, the first lightning death of 2013 occurred on Tuesday, April 23. In Pomona City, Missouri, a woman was struck and killed while standing under a tree.