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Cool, Wet Weather Slows Cereal Production in the UK

The rainy and chilly weather last year in the Northhampton area of the U.K., has impacted the wheat harvest and cereal production has been reduced.

"It was a very wet and cool summer," said Expert Senior Meteorologist Dale Mohler. "When it's wet, the wheat quality goes down. It can get mold or fungus."

A local company, The Weetabix Food Company, scaled back production on their Weetabix Minis and Oatibix Bitesize cereals stating to the BBC the move was made to assure the quality of the cereals is maintained.

The company is seeking to supplement their supply of wheat from local sources in hopes of bringing the production of these cereals back to normal.

"Temperatures this season will favor the cool side, but not as bad as last year," Mohler said. Rainfall should be normal or slightly above normal.

"It looks like it will be a better year for wheat production," said Mohler.