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Beautiful Saturday From DC to NYC, Boston and Pittsburgh

A gorgeous Saturday is in store for much of the East ahead of potential wet weather.

Abundant sunshine all day will boost temperatures to comfortable levels for most people during the afternoon.

Light winds will add to the delight of the day for most recreational activities.

During Sunday, several factors could come together to cause weather conditions to deteriorate in portions of the mid-Atlantic and the Southeast.

A slow-moving storm system will begin to send clouds and rainfall eastward from the Tennessee and Ohio valleys. Showers are likely to spread into part of the central and southern Appalachians as the day progresses. Cities included in unsettled conditions for Sunday include Pittsburgh, Winston-Salem, N.C., and Roanoke, Va.

Along the Atlantic coast, the air could moisten up quickly enough for low clouds to form and fail to break. If this happens, temperatures could be significantly lower than Saturday from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and perhaps New York City.

Even if clouds and some rain reaches farther east in the mid-Atlantic, Sunday would be another nice day in New England and over much of upstate New York with at least partial sunshine.