Some Mississippi River towns see crests, but worrisome rain and snow melt keep concerns high

Published April 22, 2013

| Associated Press

The Mississippi River is topping out at some problematic spots, but there's growing concern that spring floods are far from over.

The river was at or near crest at several places Sunday between the Quad Cities and near St. Louis. Some towns in the approximate 100-mile stretch of river from Quincy, Ill., to Grafton, Ill., reached 10-12 feet above flood stage.

The good news was that most businesses and homes were high and dry, though hundreds of acres of farmland were under water, two bridges were closed and countless roads were shut down. At least three people have died.

Forecasts call for 1-2 inches of rain Monday night and Tuesday from Wisconsin through Missouri, along with more snow in the Dakotas and Minnesota.