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Mostly Mild Temperatures For Earth Day Picnics

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated to acknowledge the modern environmental movement, which took place in 1970.

Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, first thought about Earth Day after an oil spill in California. On April 22, Americans took to the streets to protest the destroying of the planet. The product of the first Earth Day was the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act, according to

Today, many organizations and events exist to help keep Earth Day a day dedicated to maintaining and protecting a greener planet.

The Nature Conservancy, a global organization that dedicates its work to "protecting nature and preserving life," according to their website, on Earth Day and throughout the month of April holds picnicking events throughout many countries around the globe including the United States. The picnicking event can either be a private or public event, put on by The Nature Conservancy or planned individually. To create a picnicking event, check out to create your very own picnic. If interested in picnicking with the Nature Conservancy on Earth Day, find out where a picnic event is going on nearest you.

The Picnic for Earth campaign, by the Nature Conservancy, is in place to increase awareness of what types of foods are consumed during the month of April, especially on Earth Day. After planning your picnic, the organization suggests packing locally grown foods and to forget the napkins. Instead bring an old handkerchief or reusable napkin, and recycle as much as you can.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to get outside and give back to the planet. Planting trees, planning a road clean-up, taking public transportation or riding a bike rather than driving your vehicle are all small ways you can help lower your carbon footprint and keep the tradition of protecting our planet.

Much of the United States looks to be mild for Earth Day 2013 with many cities being at or slightly below-normal temperatures for this time of year, according to Senior Meteorologist Mike Pigott. Pittsburgh will feel warm at 64 degrees. Atlanta is expected to be in the upper 60s for Earth Day. Los Angeles will experience a normal high temperature tomorrow of 73 degrees. Seattle will also experience normal temperature of 59 degrees.

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However, planting an herb garden indoors may be a better option for Earth Day participates in parts of Denver, Wyoming, southern Minnesota and northern Nebraska on Monday, as rain changing over to snow is expected. Denver is expected to receive two to four inches by the end of the storm system.

The storm will begin with rain in many parts of the Northwest before transitioning over to snow.

"It is kind of a two-part system. The first part starts on Monday and the second part comes through Tuesday," Pigott said.