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Warm Week for Western Europe Followed by Frigid Weekend

The weather roller coaster continues for western Europe with more warmth this week followed by a sharp turn to colder.

The recent weather has been a significant improvement compared to early spring for a large portion of western Europe. Temperatures have been frequently at or above normal for the major cities in the region, including London and Paris.

In the short term it looks as though this weather will remain on track, with high pressure aloft settling in over France by midweek, bringing warm Atlantic air northward into the region.

For England and Spain, the warmth this week will likely peak around Wednesday. For France and central Europe, it will likely come sometime around Thursday.

A storm system near Iceland will dive south on Thursday over the U.K. and move southward towards Spain on Friday and Saturday.

As expected with a storm that originates in the northern Atlantic, cold air will flood the region as a result.

Luckily, the system is largely dry. However, it will be so cold any shower that occurs across the Scottish Highlands will likely be mixed with snow.

While the biting cold won't reach farther east into eastern Europe and Russia, those places won't have it that great either, as the pattern for them will feature frequent rainstorms this weekend into early next week.