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Wind Threatens Waco, Texas Explosion Fire

The explosion of a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas left the ground shaking in Texas late Wednesday night.

With the winds gusting ahead of a cold front that has been bringing severe weather across the center of the country, firefighters could be facing some challenges.

These winds will make the fire following the explosion even more difficult to contain.

As of 11 p.m. CDT, winds were sustained at 23 mph and gusting out of the southeast at 35 mph.

The current southwest wind direction could spread the fire towards a second tank at the fertilizer plant, which could endanger those involve in the rescue and firefighting efforts.

According to the Associated Press, at least two fatalities were confirmed along with many injuries.

Also reported was the damage of 75 to 100 homes and businesses.

Even more life and property could be threatened as high winds are expected to continue into Thursday. Additionally, as the cold front passes the area, winds are expected shift to the northwest, causing even more challenges.

Fire fighting efforts will need to pick up and move to a different location, slowing the process of containing the fire.