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Damaging Storms Thursday Chicago to Little Rock

The risk of dangerous and damaging thunderstorms will continue Thursday from Chicago and Indianapolis to Dallas, Little Rock and Shreveport.

The storms will organize along an advancing cold front pushing eastward from the Plains and swinging into the Mississippi and Ohio valleys to near the upper Gulf Coast.

The most widespread characteristic of the storms will be strong wind gusts. Some communities will be hit with downed trees and power outages.

However, a few of the strongest storms can bring a brief tornado.

Other traits of the storms will be hail and brief heavy rainfall that can bring flash and urban flooding.

The zone of strong to severe thunderstorms will cause slow travel on the highways and can lead to substantial flight delays in the region, rippling to other portions of the nation well outside of the severe weather threat area.

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A more general area of heavy rain and an expanded flooding risk will occur north of the line of thunderstorms.

During Thursday, this area will reach from portions of Missouri to southern Wisconsin but will shift eastward across the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and northern portions of Indiana, Ohio and southwestern Ontario Thursday night.

During Friday, the risk of strong to severe thunderstorms will reach the eastern Great Lakes and the Appalachians. By Friday night, the remnants of the storms will reach the Atlantic Seaboard with localized downpours, gusty winds and travel delays at the very least.