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Precipitation Cancels 6 MLB Games; More Possible

More than six major league baseball games have been postponed due to inclement weather this season, and more seem to be on the way.

The Mets were unable to take on the Rockies yesterday as snow fell in Denver, blanketing the uncovered stadium.

This was the second consecutive postponement for the New York team -- a scenario they have not faced since August of 2011 during Hurricane Irene -- forcing the team into a split double header Tuesday.

While tonight's weather looks promising, Wednesday poses another chance for postponement. The team is slated to take on Denver Wednesday evening amidst forecasted snow and temperatures in the mid-20s.

A stark contrast exists from last year, when Denver closed April at an average of 6 degrees above normal. In total, the month yielded only 1 inch of snowfall.

Halfway through April 2013, however, the city is averaging 5 degrees below normal with more than 13.6 inches of snowfall.

It's hit-or-miss with Denver this time of year, Bernie Rayno, Expert Meteorologist, explained.

But the Rockies-Mets game will not be the only one facing game-threatening precipitation on Wednesday.

As Texas takes on Chicago, temperatures will be in the lower 50s with rain. Precipitation may be intermittent enough, however, to get the game in, Rayno said.

Minnesota will be at home versus Los Angeles, where light precipitation is expected. Though the game will probably not face postponement, it will be a cold one with temperatures dropping into the mid-30s.

For a full map of stadium weather conditions across the country, visit the Baseball Stadium Weather Map.