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Windy Weather for British Isles Through Tuesday

A couple of storms are set to batter the U.K. and Ireland with strong winds and rain over the weekend and week ahead.

The first of two storms will impact the British Isles over the weekend. The storm system, currently located over the northern Atlantic, will fight with high pressure located over the continent and create a high wind threat for the region on Saturday and Sunday.

As usual, the strongest winds can be expected to impact western Ireland and Northern Ireland, and eventually Scotland as well. Over the entire weekend, gusts will frequently pass 35 mph (50 kph), however the strongest gusts will hold off until Sunday. While showers will impact most of the region this weekend, the heaviest rain will fall across this region.

On Sunday, winds across Northern Ireland and northwestern Ireland will have the potential to gust as high as 60 mph (95 kph). Across England and Scotland, gusts will likely peak at 45 mph (70 kph), with the best chance for these gusts in northern England.

The second storm system will approach Northern Ireland and Ireland on Monday night, and impact there as well as the rest of the British Isles on Tuesday. Gusts across the region will not be as strong as the weekend storm, and the rain will not be as widespread. Nonetheless, a few gusts past 45 mph (70 kph) will be possible across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Across the latter half of the coming week, the pattern looks much less stormy, with a few more days of fair weather for most of the British Isles.