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Spring Blizzard to Hit Northern Plains, Bismarck

A developing blizzard this weekend will mark another chapter in the wild weather this spring. Farther south, the storm will be responsible for sparking potentially severe thunderstorms.

A storm will emerge into the Dakotas Saturday night before intensifying in the region on Sunday. The intensifying storm will ingest plenty of moisture into unseasonably cold air, piling up more spring snow for the region.

Strong northerly winds will combine with the heavy snow to create blizzard conditions, primarily across North Dakota. Bismarck will be among the hardest hit in the region, with over one foot of snow expected to pile up.

"This storm will likely be the most widespread and disruptive snow of the winter season," said Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel.

Travelers on Interstate 94 should expect major delays, if not road closures, across most of North Dakota and northern Minnesota on Sunday.

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"The heavy snow will add to the growing threat to a major flood event on North Dakota rivers,

especially the Red River, later this this month and into May," added Samuhel.

Farther south, the storm's cold front will hit remarkably warmer air, sparking severe weather from eastern Iowa and western Illinois to eastern Kansas. Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Kansas City, Mo. and

Wichita, Kan. will be at risk for damaging winds and large hail from these dangerous thunderstorms.

The intense spring storm will gradually weaken Sunday night into Monday across northern Minnesota as it moves into Canada. While the snow will largely taper off across the Plains by early next week, the storm's lingering cold front will act as a trigger for more severe thunderstorms in the Mississippi Valley.