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Severe Weather Threat: Wichita, Kansas City, Davenport

As a blizzard rages over the Dakotas on Sunday, a sharp cold front cutting into much warmer air across the central Plains will ignite a round of powerful afternoon thunderstorms.

Locations most at risk on Sunday include Kansas City, Mo., Independence, Kan., Lahoma, Okla., Wichita, Kan., Ponca City, Okla., Trenton, Mo., Ottumwa, Iowa and Davenport, Iowa, to name a few.

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Hail as large as quarters, ping-pong balls or even golf balls is possible in these areas. Hail this size can put dents in vehicles, crack or damage windshields and cause injury to exposed livestock.

Wind gusts over 60 mph are also a possibility, which can snap branches, uproot trees and bring down power poles. Wind gusts of this magnitude can also pick up loose objects, and any unsecured items could become lost.

A tornado or two cannot be ruled out either with the stronger storms, but this will by no means be a widespread concern. Any tornadoes that do occur should be short-lived.

If you will be out and about on Sunday, keep a close eye to the sky, especially during the afternoon hours. The best time for the thunderstorms to occur will be after 3:00 p.m. CDT, and lasting through about midnight.

Stay with for the latest updates on Sunday's severe weather.